“Creatively-driven, humble, sensual, passionate, well-textured, matured, emotive, incredibly serene and equally full of spiritual energy. All of this by one artist on one CD for one purpose: to make feel-good music for people to enjoy.”  ScopeMagazine

“Hobs End is the first album from composer Chance Morrison, who self-produced the project rather then trying to get the big labels to back him, and his grassroots approach seems to be working…”  UberSciFiGeek

“My next guest is a musician in the purest of forms. After listening to his new album, ‘Hobs End’ it was amazing to me to find out that the band, Requiem for Delinquency, is a one man classically trained composer named Faron Chance Morrison…”    Skope Interview

“Hobs End is a CD that uses keyboards and some vocal tracks that are pulled from outside the music with people’s dialogue fitting for the concept of each track. The sound is electronic and pop and Morrison’s vocal treatments are reminiscent of The Pet Shop Boys in their heyday”… Muzik Reviews

  1. The Work of Science.mp3 R4D | Requiem For Delinquency 0:30