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Requiem For Delinquency Live 2020

Official site for R4D Requiem For Delinquency. Find all the latest news, upcoming shows, and new music here. R4D is Requiem For Delinquency, one of the top unsigned EDM producer/performers in America. A real, classically trained performance musician, R4D laughs at the term DJ. What happens on stage is not at all DJ. Instead it is prism of original sound and electronic vision. R4D is Requiem For Delinquency.

“Music with no limits and no limitations should be R4D’s motto…”

“R4D’s voice echos the emotive attack of Bono, but also brings to mind the phrasing of Thom Yorke…”

“If you are a fan of Six Degrees or Nettwerk Artists, do yourself a favor and check out R4D…”

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Skope Magazine
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Raven Kai
  1. The Work of Science.mp3 R4D | Requiem For Delinquency 0:30